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Customer Service Feedback

Our goal is to continuously improve the delivery of municipal services. Feedback from the public gives the Town of Parry Sound opportunities to learn and improve. We value feedback about our services and recognize the right of our residents and ratepayers to make a complaint, compliment or suggestion about our services. We are committed to using customer feedback to improve our services and focus on the needs of our customers.

The Town of Parry Sound is committed to provide customer service in a fair, respectful and transparent manner. If you feel we failed to provide service or made a mistake, feedback regarding the incident is welcomed.

The Customer Service Feedback Policy details how your complaint will be addressed through the stages of resolutions - local resolution, service investigation and corporate review. It is recommended you review the complaint explanation page in its entirety prior to submitting a complaint. If the information is incomplete, it could affect the outcome or delay in a response.


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